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International College - Educational Objectives Department of International Finance and Economics - Core Competencies
Learning Goal 1: Professional Competence Objective 1-1: Students possess dual expertise in international financial management and international trade.
Learning Goal 2: International Perspective Objective 2-1: Students possess a macro international perspective.
Learning Goal 3: Innovative Integration Objective 3-1: Students possess the ability to conduct knowledge research and exploration.
Objective 3-2: Students possess creative thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.
Learning Goal 4: Information Technology Objective 4-1: Students possess basic information literacy.能
Learning Goal 5: Ethical and Moral Values Objective 5-1: Students can understand professional ethics and social responsibility.
Learning Goal 6: Social Intelligence Objective 6-1: Students possess effective communication skills.
Objective 6-2: Students possess the ability to cooperate and coordinate with team members.
Learning Goal 7: Attitude towards Life Objective 7-1: Students possess an attitude of respecting diverse cultural values.