Department Features

Department Features Vision and Mission Educational Goals and Core Competencies Career Planning and Prospects
Our department focuses on two major disciplines, namely finance and trade, and strengthens these two professions through English-taught courses. Graduates can choose to work in the financial industry or international trade based on their individual expertise and interests. In terms of career development in finance, our graduates work as investment specialists, exchange business professionals in domestic and international financial industries, or in financial and accounting roles in general private enterprises. In terms of career development in international trade, our graduates work in various industries engaged in international trade as foreign trade specialists responsible for order processing, marketing, document preparation, and import-export customs clearance. Their proficient foreign language skills enable them to excel in their roles. According to the survey of graduate destinations, our alumni are distributed in the following sectors:

(1) Financial Industry: Bank exchange personnel, bank tellers, bank account managers, fund researchers. (15%)
(2) Securities Industry: Securities salespersons, investment specialists. (15%)
(3) General Industry: International trade order processing, marketing, participation in exhibitions, analysts; corporate finance personnel. (50%)
(4) Logistics Industry: International logistics customs clearance and analysis personnel. (15%)
(5) Management Business: Accounting firms. (5%)