Future Prospect

At the turn of twenty-first century, the engineering aspects to the biomedical affairs have favorably caught special attention by the clinical, academic and industrial communities in the medicinal businesses. Apparently, the United States of America, with her jump start of biomedical engineering research and development effort in the middle of twenty century, has led the way and still maintained predominant position. Naturally, the health-care and high-tech industrial circles in the European Community countries, Canada and Japan have since also devoted a great deal of resources into the Biomedical Engineering industry, and have become major players in the field. Without exception, Taiwan have had its own share of effort in the development of BME business by the establishment of university-level institutions both in the academic and industrial research domains. I-SHOU University, being a leading private institution in Southern Taiwan, has placed high expectations to the medical education specialties, and established the Department of Biomedical Engineering since the autumn of 1998.

Following the track record of Hsin-Chu Science-Based Industrial Park—the show-case of success of Taiwan’s high-tech industry, the National Science Council established Southern Taiwan Science-Based Industrial Park in the vicinity of ISU community since the spring of 2005. One of the major missions of the Park is to create and develop a high-tech enclave of biomedical industries that would give birth a new leading brand of BME products from Taiwan for the global economy. The BME Department at ISU has had an extensive role to the planning, developing and executing of the massive scaled medical-industrial complex.

Consequently, the education, research and development goals in the BME Department have aimed at not only at the domestic but also global level. Our students would have to be educated and trained to meet the present and future needs in the medical businesses.

The BME Department at I-SHOU University is committed to help each prospect student to grasp the golden opportunities of the exciting world of Biomedical Engineering business. We sincerely invite you to join us!