President Chen's Remarks

I-Shou University (ISU) has four goals: excellent teaching, featured research, excellent service, and international connections. Currently, it has nine colleges with some 16,000 students. It is a well-developed comprehensive private university with a strong conviction that education is the best way to change one’s destiny. With the support of E United Group and rich teaching and research resources, ISU will lead students to realize their dreams and make them the best talents for the international community. With the “ISU 2028 Project” I proposed, I aspire to take ISU to another level through seven domains on university affairs, including: 1) implementing outstanding and innovative teaching, 2) promoting self-learning in interdisciplinary fields, 3) extending holistic education, 4) extending education about creativity, innovation, creation, and start-up, 5) carrying out visionary and featured research, 6) entering the international stage to compete with the world, and 7) creating a sustainable and happy campus.
Roger C. Y. Chen
I-Shou University


Brief Introduction

From KPI to ISU: Transformation and Continuous Growth

 Formerly called Kaohsiung Polytechnic Institute (KPI), I-Shou University (ISU) was established in 1986 by Chairman I-Shou Lin of E United Group to commemorate his mother as well as to benefit the villages and towns where he started his business. It was also Mr. Lin’s way of giving back to the society and accomplishing his lifelong mission of nurturing highly educated professionals for the country. With its excellent performance on teaching, research and administration, KPI was officially upgraded and renamed I-Shou University in August of 1997.

 Built on a solid foundation of sustainable and continuous development, ISU currently has nine colleges: College of Electrical & Information Engineering, College of Science & Engineering, College of Management, International College, College of Language Arts, College of Tourism & Hospitality, College of Communication & Design, College of Medicine, and College of Indigenous Studies, and it works toward becoming an international comprehensive university which equally values humanities and technology as well as cultivates professionals to serve the current and future needs of the industry.

 Located in close proximity to E-Da Hospital and E-Da Cancer Hospital, the Medical Campus was opened in Yanchao District, Kaohsiung City, in 2006 to accommodate medicine-related departments, providing students with a superior learning and training environment. In addition, ISU was approved by the Ministry of Education to establish the School of Chinese Medicine for Post Baccalaureate in Academic Year 2010, and then the School of Medicine for International Students with all courses taught in English in 2013. To our greater delight, after thirteen years of efforts, the establishment of the College of Medicine was officially approved by the Ministry of Education in the same year. In 2018, ISU was formally approved to recruit state-funded students to study at the newly-established School of Medicine.

 In 2013, ISU passed the 2013 Evaluation of General Education and the Second-Cycle Program Evaluation conducted by the Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan with flying colors, making it the only university in Taiwan to pass these two evaluations at once. ISU was also awarded a substantial grant under the Program for Promoting Teaching Excellence Universities from the Ministry of Education for nine years in a row, achieving No. 1 among private comprehensive universities in southern Taiwan.

 In terms of international honors and rankings, ISU has long been widely recognized and accredited by many international organizations. In 2014, ISU was selected as one of the Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted U.S. Utility Patents by the National Academy of Inventors; from 2015 to 2017, ISU has been named as one of the best universities by the Times Higher Education for three successive years and as one of the best universities in Asia from 2016 to 2018; in 2016, the College of Management, the College of Tourism and Hospitality, and the International College were accredited by the AASCB with one review visit; in 2017, ISU was listed in the Round University Rankings for the first time; in 2018, ISU was named not only by the Times Higher Education as one of the best universities in the Young University Rankings 2018, it was also named by the Taiwan-based Global Views Monthly as one of the best universities in the 2018 Taiwan University Rankings and awarded the Best Progress Award, achieving 14th place among comprehensive universities nationwide and No. 1 in southern Taiwan as a private comprehensive university.

 In Academic Year 2018, ISU received a substantial grant under the Higher Education Sprout Project and the University Social Responsibility Project, respectively. To show our determination to should our social responsibility, we launched a local project at the Paihe Settlement, Pingtung County, and established an office there to handle related affairs in the hopes of cementing the collaborative relationship. ISU has delivered an impressive performance on teaching for many years with the recognition and accreditation from the Ministry of Education and international institutes. In terms of internationalization, ISU took second and third place on the number of international students at bachelor’s degree programs and at all diploma-conferred programs, respectively.



 The Guanyinshan area, the home of ISU, has picturesque scenery and lush landscape. Over the past years, E United Group has made a massive investment to develop E-Da World, a vibrant entertainment hub for ISU faculty members, students, staffers, and residents who live nearby. Within the proximity, there are two hotels, an outlet mall, and a theme park with replicated scenes from the Aegean Sea. Thanks to the establishment of E-Da World, ISU students have the best locations to gain practical experience.

 For the sake of safety and convenience, ISU, located in the rural area of Kaohsiung City, has contracted E-Da Bus to provide different bus routes that take ISU faculty members, students and staffers to locations within downtown Kaohsiung.


Learning Advantages

 With the support of E United Group, ISU provides substantial offers to recruit faculty members with research specialties and practical experience from different disciplines and professions. In regard to curriculum design, ISU underlines the importance of both theory and practice and incorporates them into teaching and experiments. Faculty members are encouraged to guide students in conducting not only research in their respective fields but also in interdisciplinary studies. To create a diverse situated learning environment, ISU has set up well-equipped laboratories for different disciplines, established the Chinese Culture Classroom and the Japanese Culture Classroom, and put up bilingual signs on campus. In addition, the establishment of the Teaching and Practice Headquarters gives ISU students a head start on gaining practical experience. ISU students may also take internships in the affiliates of E United Group or E-Da World based on their professions and needs. Hands-on experience gained before graduation is not only a great boost to students’ employability but a guarantee for their career success.


International Connections

 To broaden students’ international horizons and improve their competitive edge, ISU has entered into a partnership with hundreds of institutions in Europe, the United States, Australia and Asia. Every year, ISU sends outstanding faculty members and students to partner institutions for visits and exchange and holds international conferences for academic exchanges. To stay competitive in the global market of higher education, ISU has adopted a series of measures, including but not limited to recruiting international students, creating a total immersion learning environment in English, enhancing local students’ English proficiency, and offering courses taught only in English. ISU offers various types of scholarships, such as Shue-Hai Scholarship, Shue-Wen Scholarship, and MOE Study Abroad Scholarship, to provide its students with an opportunity to take part in study tours or study abroad. There is also the “Eagle-Flying Study Abroad Scholarship,” which involves a thorough nurturing of outstanding students who are provided with an opportunity to study abroad at partner institutions with one year’s worth of tuition and other required fees. In addition to scholarships available at ISU, students are encouraged to enroll in double-degree programs developed by ISU and partner institutions. These measures provide an excellent platform for linking our outstanding students with the international community.


A Wealth of Industrial Resources

 E United Group, to which ISU is affiliated, engages in the businesses of manufacturing, medical services, education, as well as real estate & leisure development. In addition to Yieh Phui Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Yieh United Steel Corporation (ranked 3rd place in stainless steel production worldwide), E United Group owns Yieh Phui Polyester Pre-Painted Steel Sheets Company, E-Da Hospital, Eliter International Corp., E-Da Royal Hotel, E-Da Skylark Hotel, E-Da Theme Park, etc. With the generous financial support from E United Group, ISU has equipment and facilities that are unparalleled among other universities in Taiwan. Also, ISU is one of the few comprehensive universities that values both theory and practice and is cognizant of and responsive to the needs of industries.

 In addition to collaboration with the affiliates of E United Group, ISU actively seeks opportunities to work with other business entities for internship programs. By so doing, ISU students are provided with more hands-on experience that would prepare them for the job market in different sectors. ISU also forges industry-university collaboration alliances with over 450 business entities, including industries of technology, electronics, medical services, iron & steel, hospitality, department stores, and hotels. ISU aspires to meet the needs of different industries, cultivate professional talents, and carry out university-specific research projects.


Objectives and Vision

  1. To establish learning arenas and multi-dimensional models that provide top-notch higher education to solidify students’ character buildups and professional capabilities.
  2. To deliver featured teaching and specialized research of academia with industries and communities, thereby promoting a platform for applying and sharing knowledge.
  3. To enhance international cooperation and exchanges to help enlarge all ISU members’ worldviews and concerns for global issues.
  4. To build a professional, respectful, and ethical environment that facilitates ISU members’ intellectual and life attainments while consolidating services and contributions to society in general.

 I-Shou University aims to be an international comprehensive university that champions Intellectual innovation, Social engagement, and Universal sustainability.

 Excellent Teaching, Featured Research, Excellent Service, International Connections

Educational Objective
Nurturing students to become pragmatic and innovative professionals who have good manners, behave with integrity, and always show their dynamism