Global Mobility
Global Mobility
什麽是國際移動力?Opportunity to Study Abroad
大學鼓勵學生在校期間,善用資源進行國際移動。出國遊學讓學生走出教室、探索世界、獲得新的體驗,同時也為個人成長打開一扇大門。不管是學習新語言、結識新朋友、品嘗新奇美食,國際移動將增強你的自信心,讓你有機會跨出舒適圈,增強你的國際競爭力 無論你是想體驗不同國家生活、獲得實踐知識、還是參加密集語言課程,出國遊學都是適合你的。你可以參加海外交換計劃,或者自費出國研習。義守大學與世界上許多其他大學建立了合作夥伴關係,分佈在英國、澳大利亞、韓國、法國、捷克等國家。現在就選一所你喜歡的吧! I-Shou University encourages its students to take advantage of many study abroad opportunities during their studies. Studying abroad allows students to step outside of a classroom, travel the world and gain new experience. It opens the door to personal growth and discovery too. Learning different languages, meeting new people, making new friends, eat exciting new foods and many more. Studying abroad will boost your self-confidence and teach you self-reliance by stretching your borders and stepping out of your comfort zone. Whether you want to experience different country, gain practical knowledge, or participate in intensive language course – studying abroad is for you. I-Shou University has partnership with many other universities across the world, located in countries like UK, Australia, Korea, France, Czech Republic and many more for you to choose from, or you can simply find your own favorite one. In other words, you can participate in an exchange program, or simply study abroad at your own expense.
I-Shou University Outbound
Study Aboard
適合對象 Target:
義守大學 學位學生 ISU Degree Students
計畫類別 Categories:
· 海外交換 Exchange Programs
· 雙聯學位 Dual Degree Programs
· 海外實習 Internship Programs
· 遊學團 Summer/Winter Camps
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I-Shou University Inbound
Study at ISU
適合對象 Target:
海外學生 Overseas Students
計畫類別 Categories:

· 學位學生 Degree Programs
· 交換學生 Exchange Programs
· 雙聯學位 Dual Degree Programs
· 華語文中心 Chinese Language Center
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I-Shou University Global Cooperation
Global Cooperation
合作對象 Target:
全球教育機構 Global Education Institutions
活動類別 Categories:
· 國際合作交流學校 Partner Schools
· 國際合作交流活動 Activities
· 國際研討會 International Conference
· 新南向執行成果統計
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Q1: 你希望在海外交流多久呢?

A: 6個月以下 

來參加短期遊學團吧 !

A: 6個月以上(->Q2)

Q2: 你是否希望在海外交流期間取得外國學校學位呢?

A: 否,我僅需取得義守大學學位

來去外國大學當交換學生 !

A: 是,我希望同時取得外國大學學位 

認真攻讀雙學位 !


“Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the more often and steadily we reflect upon them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me." (Immanuel Kant, Critique of Practical Reason)