Chinese Learning Websites

Website Introduction A site for learning Chinese with the help of audio tools and using ten different languages. There are online courses, dictionaries and a play space that combines study and pleasure. However, the richness of this site goes beyond the mere learning.
Digital Dialects A fun site to learn Chinese free of charge for English speakers with the help of thirteen lessons. These lessons are as sheets, varied, ranging from animals to colors and covering the essentials of language. Their content is very concise and all the work of the learner is measured in quizzes that complement the lessons. Those who intend to put a little more assiduity in their study will find an online bookshop with books very rewarding. Have fun!中文.com) Site intended for diligent learners of Chinese, who speaks English. She teaches Chinese in the brevity and simplicity which requires an optimal level of the learner. It offers no grammar. However, it makes available dictionaries and other tools to help build vocabulary. A site that gives you words.