Open Textbook Resources

Humanities and Social

2012 Book Project

This is the archive of a small project by Andy Schmitz to archive Creative Commons-licensed copies of all the books which were available online from a specific publisher at the end of 2012. The content is mostly entry-level university books, and the subject content includes more than 100 textbooks on law, politics, economics, and chemistry.


The website is funded by the Canadian government. Since 2012, it has provided students with open textbooks and other open educational resources programs. There are currently more than 70 high-quality textbooks with topics including science, business, social sciences, and art, etc., and provide multiple reading formats such as PDF, epub, mobi, and web pages.


The website is an educational foundation jointly established by Professor Ed of the University of Virginia and Professor Carol Diener of the University of Utah. It aims to provide free higher education resources, mainly collecting more than 50 high-quality resources written by experts and authorities in the field of psychology.



The website offers hundreds of free textbooks written by professors from the world's top universities. Topics include engineering, digital & IT, economics and finance.


The subject content of this website includes computer, programming, mathematics, and engineering.

Natural Science


The website is LibreTexts sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The topics include chemistry, biology, earth sciences, business, engineering, humanities, mathematics, medicine, physics, social sciences, statistics, Spanish and other 12 sub-items.

Philosophy and History

Project Gutenberg

This website provides 59,000 completely free e-books. The main content is history and philosophy.

Science and Engineering

Free Tech Books

This site lists free online computer science, engineering and programming books, textbooks and lecture notes, all of which are legally and freely available over the Internet. Throughout this site, other terms are used to refer to a book, such as ebook, text, document, monogram or notes.

Information Technology


The site is known for publishing books of American computer information companies, is publishing one of the pioneers of open source books, written in the subject matter encompasses programs, network management and other information of more than 50 materials.



This website is that focuses on searching and sharing academic research results (A place to share and follow research). The content includes classic textbooks. The website requires an email account to be registered.


The website Directory of open access books (DOAB), operated by the OAPEN Foundation, has collected more than 10,000 materials in early 2018. Topics include physics, earth sciences, life sciences, mathematics, engineering, and social sciences and humanities.


The website provides free downloads of e-books, with topics including business, education, art, and computers.

Library Genesis

The website provides academic journal articles, textbooks and magazines.


The website provides over 20,000 free e-books for downloading, search queries can be classified by author, title and language.

Milne Open Textbooks

The site built by the New York State University Library (State University of New York libraries) has published nearly 200 textbooks.

Open Textbook Library

The website is the theme of the twelve textbooks, content encompasses business, education, engineering, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and so on.


The website can find subject matter encompasses textbooks in mathematics, physics, biology, social sciences, humanities, business and other areas.

PDF Search Engine

The website is using PDF Search Engine and other search engines to provide free textbooks and PDF files.


This website is an open access repository maintained by the GVSU Library, used to display and maintain the works of GVSU scholars. You can search the required open textbooks in all repositories by title, author, citation information, keywords, etc.


The site offers all the online textbook is 100% free and is obtained publisher permission.


College Open Textbooks

The website is composed of 29 educational non-profit organizations including Carnegie Mellon University, Flat Word Knowledge, Silicon Valley Education Foundation and other non-profit organizations that promote open university textbook cooperation organization. The subject content includes 24 topics such as anthropology, engineering and electronics, health and care, and more than 700 electronic textbooks are provided.


This website is a publisher dedicated to open resource access since 2004, and the types include books and periodicals. Topics include physics, engineering, technology, life sciences, etc.