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【Activity】Library Buddies

All the knowledge is in the library!

Use the library resources and get the rewards!


Time: 2022 Oct. 01 ~ 2022 Dec. 31

Venue: Main Campus Library, International College Library and Medical Campus Library

Participants: All ISU students and faculty

Activity content:

  1. Different weightings are given to the following indicators: the number of visits to the library, the number of books borrowed, the number of audio-visual materials borrowed, the number of electronic resources used, the number of tablets borrowed, and the number of spaces (study rooms, multifunctional halls and smart classrooms) borrowed.
  • Number of visits to the library*1
  • Number of books borrowed*1.5
  • Number of audio-visual materials borrowed*2
  • Number of electronic resources signed up*1
  • Number of tablets borrowed*2.5
  • Number of space (study rooms, multifunctional halls and smart classrooms) borrowed*2
  1. The team competition is based on the department (institute) as a unit, and the average number of times for all faculty and students is counted; the number of space borrowing is not counted in the individual student competition.
  2. The data will be calculated on Dec. 31, 2022. The top 5 in the team competition and individual competition will be announced on Jan. 04, 2023 and the prizes will be awarded on Jan. 06, 2023.




First Prize

$5,000 gift certificate

$2,000 gift certificate

Second Prize

$3,500 gift certificate

$1,000 gift certificate

Third Prize

$2,000 gift certificate

$500 gift certificate


$500 gift certificate &
Certificate of merit 

Certificate of merit

If the average of faculty and student indicators for the team competition is less than 7.5, the department will not be ranked.

Contact Person: 王依平 
Contact Number: 3573 
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