Qualification for Application

I.Recruitment Sources

Students from those countries that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan shall be recruited first, and then self-sponsored students from countries that have no diplomatic relations with Taiwan will be considered. Applicants shall satisfy the qualifications for application.

II.Prescribed Years of Study

Four academic years (a total of 8 semesters), and the prescribed years of study does not include clerkship. Students shall return to their home countries after graduation and completing the clinical clerkship, and they are not allowed to take the medical licensing examination and conduct medical practice in Taiwan.

III.Qualifications for Application

1. Candidates who possess a bachelor's degree or above conferred by a foreign university recognized by the R.O.C. Ministry of Education. Candidates with degrees received from foreign universities/colleges shall be certified by the local R.O.C. overseas office, or a certificate of degree (enclosed) shall be presented by the foreign university/college from which the candidate graduated. An English translation shall be provided if the certificate is written in languages other than English.

2. According to Item 1 of Article 2 of the MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan, candidates who have a foreign nationality and have never held nationality status from the Republic of China (“R.O.C.”) and who do not possess an overseas Chinese student status, a Chinese nationality or citizenship of Hong Kong or Macau at the time of their application may apply for admission under the regulations.

3. Affairs not mentioned herein shall be conducted pursuant to the MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan and the Regulations Regarding the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Academic Credentials for Institutions of Higher Education stipulated by the R.O.C. Ministry of Education.