Foreign Students Working in Taiwan
If foreign students need to work and study in Taiwan, they should apply for work permits in accordance with Articles 43, 50, 68 and 73 of the Employment Service Law and the Regulations Governing the Employment of Foreigners by Employers before they can work and study in Taiwan. If you violate Article 43 of the Employment Service Law and work without a work permit, you will be fined between NT$30,000 and NT$150,000 in accordance with Article 68, Paragraph 1 of the same law.
Regulations for foreign students working in Taiwan
➤ Foreign students should meet the requirements for foreign student status as stipulated in the Regulations for Foreign Students Studying in Taiwan.
➤ According to the "Regulations for the Permission and Administration of Employment of Foreigners by Employers", foreign students who come to Taiwan to study in the formal academic system can apply to the Department of Workforce Development after enrolling in school, but foreign students who come to Taiwan to study language courses must study for at least one year before applying.
➤ The maximum period of work permit is 6 months.
➤ For applicants applying in the first semester, the work permit will be valid until March 31 of the following semester; for applicants applying in the second semester, the work permit will be valid until September 30 of the same year.
➤ The maximum number of hours per week is 20 hours, except for summer and winter vacations.
➤ If a person fails to comply with the preceding provisions, the Labor Development Agency may revoke his or her work permit in accordance with the Employment Service Act.
➤ If a student is employed as a worker without applying for a work permit, he/she shall be punished by a fine of not less than NT$30,000 and not more than NT$150,000 in accordance with the Employment Service Law.
➤ If a student's work permit is still valid, he/she should return the work permit to the International and Cross-Strait Affairs Office.
Work Permit Application Process
Step 1 : Head over to OICA to get a copy of Payment Slip and Affidavit, then pay at the Post Office.
Step 2 : Follow the insturctions and complete the application online. LINK
Step 3 : Wait for affirmation, submit missing documents if necessary.
Step 4: Successfully noticed and head over to OICA to get your work permit.
Step 5 : Go online and complete the survey. LINK
You'll need to resubmit the survey if you've already changed a job.
If you're part-timing at multiple places, do complete the survey with different informations.
* 若更換新工作,須重新填寫問卷
** 若你於多處工讀,請分別填報全部工讀資訊
Foreigners Work Permit Online Application Process HandBook
Foreign Students FAQ about working in Taiwan
A:Yes. Since year 2019, you will need to submit the affidavit when you apply for the work permit. If not, your application will be rejected.

切結書下載 Affidavit Download:
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