Variety of Cuisines

There are 12 Chinese and Western restaurants and light restaurants in the main campus, and 6 restaurants and exotic and creative cuisines in the medical school area, including duplex restaurants, coffee shops, Chinese buffets, noodles, and cold drinks, providing students and faculty with a variety of dining options. The shopping street, post office, bookstore, convenience store, and eyeglass shop, as well as the clinics and hospitals adjacent to the campus, also provide students and faculty with convenient living.

The café is located on the east side of the playground and has a European-style building. It offers a variety of dining options, including simple meals, hot pots, and cold drinks.

Golf Restaurant The Golf Restaurant, located to the right of the campus entrance, offers small hot pots and light meals, as well as a small golf driving range, providing a good environment for golf enthusiasts to practice.

International College "English Context Restaurant"
Located in the International College "English Context Restaurant", which includes a SUBWAY area and a bakery area, the restaurant offers the best place for students to study, relax and do their homework after school.