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Your future in I-Shou University, Taiwan

International Program on Artificial Intelligence Technology (IPAI) (Intensive Chinese Learning Class) aims to prepare students with all the competencies needed for a successful career in Taiwan. It equips students with Chinese proficiency, engineering expertise, and knowledge of Taiwan's working environment and culture. Students are also encouraged to take an internship opportunity in various leading companies in the senior year. A career consulting service is also provided for a successful career in Taiwan!

Top reasons to apply to this program

Flexible Major Change

Flexible Major Change

Availability to transfer to a Chinese-taught department in the 2nd year once posessing proficiency in Chinese equivalent to TOCFL B1 level.

Chinese Courses

Chinese Courses

Variety of intensive Chinese learning programs with engaging and interactive small classes.

Career Foreshadowing Program

Career Foreshadowing Program

Professional career consulting & resources will be provided to smoothen your career plan in Taiwan.



Variety of scholarships to fulfill your educational dream in I-Shou University.

A successful path in your hand

Another 5 Chinese-taught departments from 3 colleges are options for inter-departmental transfer

* Courses above are for references only. Please visit department website for the latest syllabus.
* Students will be allocated in the International Program on Artificial Intelligence Technology in the first year of enrollment.
* Students posessing proficiency in Chinese equivalent to TOCFL B1 level could apply for a major transfer to one of the Chinese-taught departments shown above.

Chinese Language Center

Variety of intensive Chinese language programs with engaging and interative small classes and Taiwan culture exploration activities.

First Year Courses
First Semester · Chinese Literature 1.0
· Foudation Chinese
Second Semester · Chinese Literature 2.0
· Basic Chinese

* 15 hours per week chinese courses.

Career Foreshadowing Program

  • A joint interview with ASE Group, the world biggest semiconductor assembling company to obtain the enterprise scholarship total up to NT$ 200,000 in the 2nd & 3rd year.
  • Guarantee to work in Taiwan for two years as a high-end engineer after graduation once contract is signed with ASE Group.


  • ISU Internaitonal Student Scholarship:
    1. up to NT$ 180,000 the 1st year for freshmen.
  • Enterprise scholarship* :
    1. Total up to NT$ 200,000 in the 2nd & 3rd year
    2. A full-time paid internship in the 4th year (around NT$ 25,000 per month).
    3. Two years work contract after graduation.
  • * Enterprise scholarship is only available to the Filipino student who successfully passes the joint interview and signs a contract with ASE Group.



"The International Program on Artificial Intelligence Technology is a great stepping stone in developing one’s career in this modern world. It helped me boost my skills in nurturing different ideas necessary for my profession."

Alfred Marro Rojo | The Phillipines | International Program on Artificial Intelligence Technology



陳亭羽 | 台灣 | 機械與自動化工程學系


Students posessing proficiency in Chinese equivalent to TOCFL B1 level could submit an application in the second semester of freshmen year. Please refer to Registration Section for detailed transfer application dates.

Your Chinese language proficiency should be equivalent to TOCFL B1. The Chinese Language Center (CLC) will organize free tests for students.

The trasfer requirments usually include interview and submission of documents such as transcripts, study plan and etc. The department Chair will discuss with students to evaluate and recommend applicable departments.

According to ISU regulation, a student can submit an application every semester before senior year. The inter-departmental transfer is limited to 2 times.

Not neccesary.

  • A three-year (Grade 10 to 12) high school transcript and diploma or a two and a half-year (Grade 10 to 12 first semester)
  • Student status certificate or Student ID card

Step 1: Please submit the form below to reserve on the joint interview with ASE Group & ISU.
Step 2: Our staff will contact you shortly to provide the information regarding the joint interview session.
Step 3: Once you pass the interview, please submit your admission application according to our guidelines. Watch the Application Video for online application process

For further information, contact Mr. Mark Lin at chienliang@isu.edu.tw or +886-7-6577711 ext. 2085

(Estimated) The first year NT$ 145,000, the second to the fourth year NT$ 96,000 ~ NT$ 145,000, depending on the program enrolled. Please visit link here for more information about fees.

  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Electronic Engineering
  • Department of Chemical Eng. & Institute of Biotechnology & Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical & Automation Engineering
  • Department of Industrial Management

Mainly English-taught for the freshmen year and with some advanced Chinese courses. When student's department transfer is approved, the medium of instruction will be Chinese.

A successful scholarship applicant will not receive the scholarship if he/she
1. does not complete the registration process for the semester when the scholarship is awarded,
2. applies for deferral of admission, or
3. transfers to another school.

A recipient will be asked to return the full amount of the scholarship awarded in the current semester and disqualified from subsequent scholarships if
1. he/she suspends the schooling or withdraws from the University while the University is in session,
2. his/her attendance rate is below 70% for the first nine weeks of the current semester due to reasons other than force majeure, or
3. he/she has a record of minor demerits or even severer punishment; to maintain his/her status as a student of the University, such a student shall pay up the tuition, other required fees, and/or accommodation fees previously offset by the scholarship.

A recipient will be ineligible to receive the approved scholarship if he/she resumes the schooling or has failed to receive a personal conduct score of 85 or higher in the previous semester.

Register Now for the Joint Interview

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