About Us


Introduction to Career Development Center
The Center assists current students and alumni in planning for further education, preparing and developing careers by providing services of career planning, career counseling, and alumni networking. 
Office: 1F, Teaching Building


Career and Employment Counseling Section
1.  Providing current students with career planning and counseling services.
2.  Organizing lectures on industrial trends, public service, and certificate examinations.
3.  Collecting information about other schools’ graduate institutes and recommendation-selection processes.
4.  Surveying and compiling statistics of students’ career orientations one year before graduation.
5.  Providing current students and alumni with off-campus employment services and opportunities.
6.  Organizing campus career fairs.
7.  Providing job opportunities information (full-time and part-time) for students.
8.  Organizing activities to strengthen students’ career competitiveness.
9.  Recruiting, managing, and training career development volunteers.
10. Publishing career e-newsletter.

TEL: 076577711-2823、2833
E-mail: career@isu.edu.tw


Alumni Service Section
1. Organizing commencement.
2.  Responsible for selection processes of outstanding alumni.
3.  Assisting Alumni Association affairs and activities.
4.  Organizing alumni social networks and homecoming activities.
5.  Accommodating alumni during their return to school for business.
6.  Updating and maintaining alumni information.
7.  Approving and issuing Alumni ID applications.
8.  Compiling statistics of graduates’ current status.
9.  Surveying employers’ satisfaction and graduates’ current status.
10. Publishing career e-newsletter.

TEL: 076577013、076577711-2832
E-mail: alumni@isu.edu.tw