In order to strengthen students’ study of international business both in theory and practice, we integrated the original three laboratories into one International Business Simulation Lab in 2006, which functions in the following ways:

1.Simulation of International Economics in former communist countries: Oriented in Taiwan, our economic research focuses on five major formerly communist countries, which include Russia, Mainland China, east European Union countries, Eastern Europe, and the Commonwealth of the Independent States. With the establishment of databases and the analysis of econometric models, the research can further investigate the dynamic developments of economics in these five areas, which makes our lab feature research headquarters all around Taiwan.

2.E-CommerceAlthough the present teaching facility of e-commerce in our department only manages a website and its virtual business, we have already added modules of “Virtual Web Banking System,” “Virtual Domain name Registration System,” and “Teaching Faculty Management System.” With these modules, teachers may set up a complete and fully-functioning e-commerce teaching system. 

3.Multimedia ProfessionaTeaching: Equipped with the “Public Broadcasting System,” our computer classroom is the best for courses such as Seminar, E-Commerce, Commercial Information, etc. Furthermore, the equipped IB-cat e-learning assistant system grants the classroom with functions of remote communications, Cat-messenger and independent databases, which allow teachers to set up their individual testing banks and maintain online courses and digital content.  

  • International Business Simulation Lab
  • Broadcasting system and digital materials
  • Multimedia Professional Teaching: IB Cat
  • Simulation of International Economics
  • Adobe Acrobat X Pro, 7-ZIP, CD Burner, K-Lite mega, Chrome
  • Moodle