Echoing the University’s educational objective: “Nurturing students to become pragmatic and innovative professionals who have good manners, behave with integrity, and always show their dynamism,” its extension education curricula put equal emphasis on theoretical knowledge and practical skills, adopt integrated teaching approaches under the principles of localization, professionalism and globalization, cater to current learning styles, and serve the current and future development needs of Greater Kaohsiung.

I.Being located in the commercial heartland of Kaohsiung City with convenient traffic networks

The Center is situated in the center of the shopping district near the President Department Store near the Talees Department Store and blessed with convenient traffic networks. Not only is there a bus transfer station nearby but also it takes only five minutes to Kaohsiung Main Station. Moreover, with the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit, it takes only fifteen minutes from KMRT R9 Station to Kaohsiung International Airport, which further saves students a lot of time.

II. Being the only strategic alliance partner of the Ministry of National Defense in southern Taiwan (including Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung)

The University is not only one strategic alliance partner of the Ministry of National Defense but also the only school in southern Taiwan that collaborates with the Ministry. Over the past five years, in addition to regular seminars on military management, the Center has offered diverse certificate programs and short-term courses on foreign languages, computer skills, professional competences, etc. Besides, numerous elite military officers and noncommissioned officers chose to pursue advanced studies at master’s and bachelor’s degree programs at the University.

III. Playing an important role in developing educators’ professional competences

Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, the Center offers a wide range of teacher empowerment courses every year, including but not limited to second-specialty programs for high school teachers, incubation programs for elementary English teachers, workshops, empowerment programs, programs on specific professions, teacher education programs, and programs for military training instructors and nursing teachers, in order to facilitate educators in southern Taiwan to pursue further studies.

IV. Offering up-to-date computers and a qualified faculty

To develop the computer competence of the general public, the Center makes massive investments in computers and peripheral devices, recruits instructors specializing in computer-related fields, and offers the unemployed and the public diverse computer-related courses, including basic computer skills, software applications, e-Commerce, image processing, techficiency quotient certification (TQC), and e-Office certificate.

V. Promoting the certification of quality control engineers for public works and computer professionals

The Center plans and offers TQC courses as well as programs for training in quality control of public works or training for quality management personnel as commissioned by the Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan.

VI. Assisting the government and enterprises in nurturing second specialties and professional competences in their staff and building up a strategic alliance

The Center proactively forges strategic alliances with the City Citizen School, the County Citizen School, the Southern Training Center of the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, the China Youth Corps, enterprises and government agencies to offer professional skills courses, thus becoming a key training partner of the government and enterprises.

VII. Providing organizations, enterprises, societies and associations with an ideal venue for conferences and training to achieve resource sharing

Companies, enterprises, organizations, societies and associations can rent classrooms, conference rooms or computer labs from the Center to give training sessions or convene conferences for the purpose of resource sharing and exchanges.

VIII. Becoming a key training and certification center for IC packaging, testing and design as recognized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs under the policy of “Semiconductor Institute”

To support the policy of “Semiconductor Institute” proposed by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, the University’s president serves as the convener of the IC packaging and testing group to train professionals in IC packaging, testing and design. Besides, companies, such as Philips, ASE Kaohsiung and Sumiko Electronics Taiwan Co., Ltd., already offered semiconductor-related courses.

IX. Establishing a think tank by recruiting professionals from the industry to cooperate with the University’s faulty to put theories into practice and to design courses which serve the current and future needs of the industry