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Transportation vehicles and restaurants, etc.:

Q: I want to directly check the latest transportation timetable and restaurant opening hours?
  • The traffic car timetable and restaurant business hours are all posted on the latest news. Please click on the latest news to check

  • Q I want to know what kind of transportation vehicles are there to be in the headquarters of the university or in the medical school district? Is there a description or description of a transportation vehicle?
  • Description and introduction of the school bus and school district traffic car Please click on the full page.

  • Q: For questions about transportation vehicles and restaurants, which unit do you want to find? Where are the offices of the school headquarters and the medical school district?


    Transportation and ticketing issues, etc.:

    Q: How do you get your school bus and other mass transit vehicles, and where do you fly?
  • The official website of Yida Passenger Transport and related traffic schedules - please click on the query Traffic Vehicle Timetable Enquiry (Main campus and Medical campus Traffic Vehicle Timetable (including the bus stop)? How to check the relevant information on the Internet?
    Q:What do you need to pay attention to when you travel??
  • Please click on the query Traffic ride considerations
    Q: What should I pay attention to during Typhoon Day?
  • Please click on the General Affairs Department's response measures-Typhoon days specific matters
    Q: How to buy a transportation school ticket? Where is the ticket bought?
    1. School ticket office: Please go to the school's activity center convenience store
    2. Yida Passenger Ticket Ticket Office: Basement of Xuecheng Clinic

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    Campus parking permits and other related issues:

    Q: How did I apply for a parking permit when I bought a locomotive?
  • Please click on the student steam locomotive pass application for enquiry and Charges and other related instructions

  • Q: How do I apply for an auto locomotive pass?
      Detailed fees, number of open applications and precautions please SAIC, locomotive Query on the passport application page.
      1. Day and Trainee Student Motorcycle Passes are processed according to the school’s announcement time. Log in to the basic information online and print the transfer order to the post office.
      2. School of the school: For the daytime department, please go to the security team on the first floor of the administrative building to apply for a permit. The training department should go to the General Affairs Section of the Comprehensive Teaching Building Training Department to apply for a certificate.
      3. Schools in the Medical School: During the daytime, please go to the General Affairs Office of Building B of the Teaching Building to apply for a certificate. The Ministry of Education should go to the Training Department of Building B to apply for a certificate.
      4. Car Pass Application URL:< /a>
      5. Motorcycle Pass Application URL:
      6. Please click on the car pass application or the locomotive pass application as required


    Site and other related issues:

    Q: How do you borrow venues for events? Complete introduction Please click on the query >
    Q: Can the classroom borrowing and community activities venue borrow the application from that unit?
    1. The temporary borrowing business of the school classroom is managed by different units because of the nature of the classroom and the borrowing period: Can be directed to the office Description of the venue and venue borrowed by the transaction team. Click on the description page
    2. Or click Learning and community event venues to borrow

    Q: How do I apply for borrowing a classroom or venue?
    1. For general classrooms, please fill out "Classroom Borrowing Application Form".
    2. Statement instructions: The approval of the Chen unit supervisor, 4 types of 1 can not be torn apart separately, log in through the transaction group, log in the power supply in the camp group
    3. Use the classroom to check the remarks on the application form and restore the venue after borrowing.
    4. Administration of the 10th floor conference room/study room: The international conference hall and the international lecture hall must be signed by the official document procedure. For the first to eighth seminars, please fill out the "< a href="../2018/showpage_v01.php?dept_mno=607e&dept_id=-1&page_id=27296">conference, seminar room borrowing application form".

    Q: How to check the details of the number of people and location of each venue?
    1. Please click on the transaction team to borrow the site description, photos and other details. Webpage introduction
    2. Forbidden diet instructions: On-campus venues: Except for outdoor theaters, diets are prohibited on all venues, and offenders will be listed for blacklisting.

    Q: How to check the classroom borrowing situation?
  • The school headquarters please click web search
  • Please click on Web Search

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