Rules & Policies

The items could be checked out for teaching purpose. Each faculty member could borrow up to 2 items for 2-7 days. All the materials must be used in the center, except for the teaching purpose.
Taking any items out from the center without proper procedure is PROHIBITED and considered an illegal action. Anyone who is against the rule will be fined. An overdue fine of NT$5 per item per day will be charged for late return.

Any defect or damage to an audio-visual material should be reported to the librarian-in-charge immediately when it is noticed. Users will be held responsible for loss or damage to any audio-visual material at their expense and will be required to pay the full value of replacement. After paying for the replacement, users will not keep damaged items or, in the case of lost items, any that are subsequently found.

Replacement is processed according to library regulations and should be approved by librarians.

All of the multimedia materials are in-house uses in principle.
Unauthorized Activities:

  1. Smoking, drinking, or eating in Multimedia Room.
  2. Failing to replace after use if the facility, any equipment, materials, utensils and other items belong to the Office of Library and Information Services.
  3. Failing to restore the viewing room to its original condition.
  4. Defacing or damaging the viewing room, its furniture or equipment in any way.
  5. Creating noises that are disruptive to fellow users.