2022-05-23 17:17:23

【Database Trial】JoVE Education Unlimited

Database:  JoVE Education Unlimited
Trail ends:  From now on until June 1, 2022
Access URL: 
Science Education DataBase:
JoVE Core Basic Science Video Textbook:
JoVE Lab Manual: Biology & Chemistry (Experiment Manual Image Database):
official website: JoVE Teaching Lazy Bag
Description:  The JoVE Research Experiment Video Data Base is a feature-rich video that enhances educational outcomes.The science education database specially designed for STEM teaching is suitable for students to familiarize themselves with the basic experimental process when they are exposed to experiments for the first time.

The database includes three main themes:
Science Education DataBase: Basic Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Advanced Biology, Physics, Psychology, Environmental Sciences, Clinical Skill.
JoVE Core (Basic Science Video Textbook): Biology, Social Psychology, Molecular Biology, Organic Chemistry, Statistics, Physics, Cell Biology
JoVE Lab Manual: Biology & Chemistry (Experiment Manual Image Database)

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Contact Person: 張智雄 
Contact Number: (07)6151100*3575 
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