2022-05-09 16:30:00

【Note】 From 05.09, some services were adjusted due to the epidemic

In response to the epidemic situation, the library's current services are adjusted as follows.

1. Opening hours: Maintain opening hours during the school year

2. Admission Services
(1) Single entrance control on the second floor of the main library.
(2) Suspension of visitors.
(3) The temperature exceeds 37.5℃ will be prohibited from entering the library.
(4) Entrance controlled by real name (swiping with ID card) and masks are worn throughout the course.

3. Use of space
(1) Self-study rooms, smart classrooms, multi-purpose exhibition halls, and small group discussion rooms remain open.
(2) No eating or drinking in library.

Contact Person: 吳俊穎 
Contact Number: (07)6577711*2712 
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