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2021 Library A-thon 3D列印創意設計競賽(公告決賽名單)2021“Library A-thon”3D Print Design Competition(Announcement of the finalists)

2021 Library A-thon:3D列印創意設計競賽
2021 Library A-thon:3D Print Design Competition

壹、簡介 Introduction:

為推廣跨領域創意學習,圖書館舉辦Library A-thon競賽活動,讓學生善加利用館內資源,完成3D列印創意實作。配合學校長程發展與防疫時事,本次競賽以「防疫消毒相關裝置」設計為主題,鼓勵同學參與。
In order to promote cross-disciplinary creative learning, the library organized the Library A-thon competition for students to make good use of the library's resources to complete 3D printing creative projects. In line with the long-term development of the school and the current situation of epidemic prevention, the theme of this competition is "Epidemic prevention and disinfection-related equipment" and students are encouraged to participate.

貳、參賽對象 Eligibility:

1. 對象:本校 在學學生。
Participants: All ISU students.

2. 方式:以團隊形式報名,每隊成員1-3名,可混系組隊,團隊需自行命名,每人僅限參與1隊。需有指導老師。
Methods: Apply in the form of a team with 1-3 members in each group and can be formed by different departments. Teams need to name their own. Each person can only participate in one team.In need of instructor.

3. 報名:110年11月29日09:00止(已延長)。請先下載報名表親簽後拍照,並備妥團隊備審資料(競賽作品說明書),再上傳至線上報名表單。依收件順序編列參賽號碼。
Registration: Nov 29, 2021, until 09:00(The application deadline has been extended).
Please download the application form, sign it in person, take a photo, and prepare the team's information for evaluation, then upload it to the online application form. Entry numbers will be assigned in the order of receipt.

4. 參賽之團隊僅可報名一次及投遞一件備審資料參與資格審查,不符要求者,取消參賽資格。主辦單位確認參賽資料齊全,將以電子郵件的方式,通知參賽者是否取得參賽資格。
Each team can submit one entry only. Those who do not meet the requirements will be disqualified. The organizer will inform the participants by email whether they are qualified or not.

參、競賽方式  Procedure

一、初賽階段(資格審查)Qualification review

1.參賽隊伍須繳交資料:設計圖稿競圖,以 [競賽作品說明書] 說明設計圖創新應用之處。
Participating teams are required to submit the following materials. [Description of the work] with a description of the innovative application of the design..
2. 評審內容:評審委員針對參賽隊伍繳交之資料進行書面審查,評分之標準如下:
The jury will review and grade applications according to the following judgment standards.

A.設計圖稿競圖的內容(完成度)Content of design drawings 55%
B.主題創新程度Theme innovation. 45%

分數加總最高之前10名競賽隊,可進入決賽階段。(11月29 17:00日公布入選參賽隊伍)(已延後)
10 Teams with the highest score will reach the finals.(The selected teams are announced on Nov. 29 17:00, 2021.)(extended)

Application Form Download

Sample file download

Online registration website (need google account)

二、 決賽階段 Final Phase

場地設備列印輸出長寬高限制約為12cm x 12cm x 8cm,製圖軟體或匯出檔案格式為STL/ OBJ 兩種格式。

The finalists will print their works and give a public briefing on their ideas in ISU Innovation Hub 3D Digital Craft Center between 9:20 AM and 4:20 PM on December 1st, 2021.
The limited print-out size of the 3D machine provided in the final is 12cm x 12cm x 8cm, the input form for the cartographic software must be STL or OBJ.

The evaluation standards are as follow:

A. 簡報內容Briefing Content: 50%
B. 原型之創意度Creativity of the prototype: 50%

肆、獎勵辦法與頒獎 Prizes


獎項Awards 獎金Bonus
冠軍(1組)First place(1 team) NT$ 4,000
亞軍(1組)Second place (1 team) NT$ 3,000
季軍(1組)Third place (1 team) NT$ 2,000
佳作(若干組)masterpiece(Several) NT$ 900

2. Library A-thon各項競賽前3名的優勝團隊之獎金及獎狀,將統一於110年12月22日13:30於圖書館3F 03308智慧教室頒發。獲選佳作之團隊,將以E-mail頒發佳作電子獎狀,其獎金可於110年12月23日-12月27日期間至圖書館本館2F櫃台憑學生證領取。
The prizes of top three winning teams in each Library A-Thon contest will be awarded at 01:30 pm on Dec. 22, 2021 at the 03308 3F Smart Classroom of Library at Main Campus. For the honorable mention teams, please take the prize with your student ID card at 2F Circulation Desk of library at Main Campus from Dec. 23, 2021 – Dec. 27, 2021.

伍、 比賽注意事項 Notices

1. 因應肺炎疫情變化與防疫需求,本活動之現場實作比賽,經評審委員討論同意後,得彈性調整改為線上或其他符合現況的方式替代。

In response to the changes in the pneumonia epidemic and the need for epidemic prevention, the on-site competition may be flexibly adjusted to online or other methods that meet the current situation after the judges' discussion and approval..

The completion of the application is deemed to ensure that all the information provided is true and correct. If the information is incomplete and cannot be contacted, the team will be disqualified from being selected or awarded.
3.參賽作品須為自行創作且未侵害他人著作權益,參賽作品內容須由參賽者全權負責,並確保可用於公開場域發表之合法合理使用,競賽過程嚴禁抄襲、剽竊、使用不當手 段或盜冒用他人作品,若有發生以上情事,經查證屬實將取消參賽或得獎資格、追回獎金並保留法律追訴權,其間產生之法律問題,參賽者需自負責任。
Entries must be original and have not infringed on the copyrights of others. Entrants must be responsible for the content of entries and ensure that they can be legally and reasonable used in public. In case of plagiarism, improper means and fraudulent use of other people's work the entry will be disqualified from this competition, and the entrants involved should be held legally liable and financially liable.
Materials and files sent in will not be returned. Please copy all files prior to submitting them.
5.參賽作品若涉及或影射腥、羶、色情、暴力或影響社會善良風俗等內容,或惡意造成主辦單位包含但不限於形象、聲譽等有價或無價之損失,主辦單位皆有權不另行通知參賽者,針對 該作品取消參賽資格,並保留法律追訴權,若造成主辦單位受有損害者,應自負民事或刑事上賠償之責任。
In case of the entries involve or insinuate sensationalism, sexual, violent or any negative content that intentionally damage the image of organizer, the organizer remain the right to disqualify entries from competition without contacting, and the entrants involved should be held legally liable and financially liable.
The organizer will disqualify entries which contain negative contents during the registration stage. The entries that do not comply with regulations will not be eligible for the finals.
All the rewards are up to the decisions of jury.
For those teams that reach into the finals, if they cannot meet the requirement, they shall be deemed to be waived.
All entrants will be deemed to agree with the contents and regulations of the competition. The Organizers reserve the right of making final decisions and adjustments for any defects or disputes. Any alterations will be announced on the official website.



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