2020-05-11 21:44:19

【Announcement】Good NEWS: Free Full Access to All IEEE Online Courses (from now on~6/30)

During the period when social distance needs to be maintained, the advantages of online courses that are not limited by time, space and individual progress are more prominent.

In order to help researchers not to interrupt their studies due to the epidemic, IEEE online courses have been expanded. From now on, all online courses of IEEE are free for teachers and students until the end of June.

IEEE hot topics courses include 5G, Edge Computing, Blockchain, and AI etc..

IEEE online courses have experts from various fields giving lectures to help different stages learners easily master the quintessence of various topics. All the introduction of IEEE online courses are attached. Welcome teacher and students to make more use of it.

In addition to open online courses, IEEE has online lectures for teachers and libraries which education scholars share practical experience about distance learning course design. You can click here to watch the lecture video files and download slides.

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Contact Number: (07)6151100*3575 
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