2017 Fall Total Learning Assessment for "Information Systems for Business Management"

When: 13:30PM~14:20PM, Januvary 9th, 2018

Venue: IC building second floor. Please see seat assignments.

Who: All students who are taking "Information Systems for Business Management".

Reference text book: Computers Are Your Future Complete , 12th Edition, Catherine Laberta, Pearson 2011.

The topics of this exam include: 1) introduction to computer, 2) introduction to hardware (including input, output and storage devices), 3) introduction to software (including system software and application softwre), 4) internet and WWW, 5) network and communication. (Chapter 1 ~ Chapter 8)

Note: 1. Please bring a 2B pencil and eraser to mark your answer sheet. We will not provide any pencil at the exam day.
2. Please bring your student ID with you.
3. No electronic devices are allowed. These include mobile phone, calculator, translator etc. Test Data Bank:

Please go to the link below to pratice before you take the exam. The more you pratice, the higher score you will get. Link¡GMoodle/Online Course/°ê»Ú¾Ç°|Internatinal College/