Bachelor’s Degree Program in Nursing for Indigenous Peoples

  Curriculum Overview

To mold students to become nursing professionals who acquire nursing expertise and professional skills, show deep devotion to nursing career, take a patient-center attitude, and have leadership qualities, the Program not only creates a quality learning environment but offers richly diverse courses and teaching approaches, in order to help students grow and develop potential abilities. In addition to classroom instruction, students are provided with plenty of opportunities to get hands-on experience by putting what has been learnt into practice, in the hope of enhancing future employability in the medical industry. All students are required to earn at least 128 credits to be eligible for graduation:

1. 88 credits for department-level required courses

2. 10 credits for professional-level electives

3. 16 credits for required core general education courses

4. 12 credits for liberal arts electives

5. 2 credits for the course on Theory and Practice of Service

6. 0 credits for the course on Physical Education and Health

To be eligible for graduation, students must successfully complete the prescribed course of study, earn the minimum number of credits, and satisfy the criteria set forth for English proficiency.

The Program also provides three-in-one nursing education which combines acute care, home care and community health nursing, and students can take internships at various medical institutions in Kaohsiung City, including E-Da Hospital, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Kaohsiung Municipal Kai-Syuan Psychiatric Hospital, Shin Huey Shin Hospital, and public health centers of the Department of Health, Kaohsiung City Government, to have an opportunity to put into practice what has been learnt in class.

Future Perspectives for Graduates

1.After graduation, students can take a nursing licensure examination to be a registered nurse, and then seek employment in clinical nursing, occupational health nursing, school health nursing, home care, community health nursing or nursing education based on their specialties and interests.

2.As E-Da Hospital is one of the educational partners of the Department of Nursing, the Department can recommend outstanding graduates to work at the Hospital. Moreover, E-Da Cancer Hospital will be inaugurated soon and is expected to offer more job opportunities to graduates.

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