Name Position Extension Email Specialties
Yi-Fu Sung Professor 2851,
sport psychology,  motor learning, wrestling, swimming, volleyball, diving
Chin-Ping Luo Professor 5254 woefgang@isu.edu.tw
Modern Chinese History
Hao Chang Professor 5247 changhao@isu.edu.tw

History of Chemistry, History of Physics,
History of Alchemy

Yu-Chen Chiang Associate Professor 5225,
Japanese Language Teaching,
Japanese Studies,
Higher Education Studies,
Organizational Behavior
Yao-Kuang Ho Associate Professor 5236 walterho61@isu.edu.tw
Geopolitics and geostrategy,Maritime history,
Theories of international relations,
International security, War study, Modern history,
Regional studies.
Chun-Shien Wu Associate Professor 5259 wucs@isu.edu.tw
Soccer History, Sport Physiology, Soccer, Golf, Softball
Tz-Chung Chou Associate Professor 5255 ctchung@isu.edu.tw
Tien-Hsiang Lin Associate Professor 5254 lts@isu.edu.tw
Tee old and poems of Song dynasty
Yang-Ching Yen Associate Professor 5226 yyc0103@isu.edu.tw
Constitution, political thought administration law
Yung-Sheng Chang Associate Professor 5228 changys@isu.edu.tw
The Social Economic history of China,
The Historical Geography of China,
The ancient agriculture of China history,
The folklore
Chen-Yang Cheng Associate Professor 5231 physic@isu.edu.tw
physical Education, Child physical training,
Administration of Physical,
Badminton, Volleyball, Woodball
Chon-Yuen Cheng Associate Professor 5220 judy@isu.edu.tw
Pedagogy, Education of Sociology,
Education of psychology, Chinese,
Adult Education
Hui-Ling Lai Associate Professor 5238 huiling@isu.edu.tw
Chinese Philosophy, Guqin Aesthetics, Classical Chinese Drama
Tsui-Fang Wang
Assistant Professor 5230 fang8677@isu.edu.tw
Chinese Poems
Kuang-Yu Chi Assistant Professor 5260 aloa4019@isu.edu.tw
Yuehfun Poetry, Modern Literature, Zen

Hsiang-Ning Rebecca Chu

Assistant Professor 8718 hsiangning@isu.edu.tw
General and second language learning strategies,
learner psychology, second language acquisition,
motivation & emotions, and computer-mediated discussion
Hsing-Chang Lee Assistant Professor 5233 leecury@isu.edu.tw

The theater of Taiwan, Chun-qiu biography,
Academic about Manchu Dynasty

Chung-Hsiu Lin Assistant Professor 5216 chlins@isu.edu.tw
Analysis of Community Power Structure,
Political Development and Democracy
Kai-Chi Hsu Assistant Professor 5242 hsukai@isu.edu.tw
Comparative Politics,  American Government
Yi-Cheng Huang Assistant Professor 5252 g5260010@hotmail.com
Journalistic English
Pao-Shan Huang Assistant Professor 5232 paoshan@isu.edu.tw
Chinese Philosophy, Literary Theory
Shun-Ning Tsai Assistant Professor 5240 lonlon11@isu.edu.tw
Hung-Yi Wang
Assistant Professor 5258 wanghy@isu.edu.tw
Sports Science, Health and Fitness, Soccer, Golf, Swimming, Basketball
Min-Hung Wu Lecturer 5219 wumh@isu.edu.tw
Confucian Philosophy, Chou-Yi
Yi-Ting Liu Lecturer 5217 itliu@isu.edu.tw
Chinese Literature, Women Study, Taiwanese Literature, Chinese Teaching
Hsia-Ying Cheng Lecturer 5246 hsiaying@isu.edu.tw
Track and Field, Aerobic Dance, Physical Fitness, Soccer