Faculty Professional Development Section

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—  Providing orientation programs for new faculty members.

—  Planning and hosting professional competence workshops for faculty members.

—  Providing faculty members with training on service-learning courses.

—  Promoting the adoption of e-portfolio and managing relevant platforms.

—  Achieving a TA system and a Tutor system.

—  Drafting questionnaires on teaching surveys  

—  Promoting the sharing and passing down of experiences among faculty members.

Teaching Excellence Section

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—  Selection of winners of the Distinguished Teaching Awards.

—  Maintaining the Center’s video/audio webpage and publishing ETL e-Paper.  

—  Supporting the projects of “Teaching Excellence” and “KKP Inter-University Resource Center for Teaching and Learning” advocated by MOE.

—  Promoting the formation of teacher growth groups.

—  Promoting the teaching resources platform(Moodle) and providing consulting sevices(ext. 2152).

—  Promoting e-learning content and providing necessary support.

—  Taking charge of certificate-related affairs on e-learning content in accordance with MOE's policies.

—  Planning and hosting e-learning workshops.