2017 RealEstateVisit(2)

Next week after the trip the students had to answer several questions. Here you can see the questions. If you think you can give some advice to our students, please contact us with your suggestions for answers to the next questions.

Question 1: What is wrong with the building on left? This building is positioned on the right place. It has all characteristics to be very expensive and successful project. But its value is deteriorating. Can you explain why? What the owner of that building could do to increase its value? Hint: Take a close look to the building.

Question 2: What is irritating in this otherwise expensive building? Sometimes when we taste some dish we like it but we feel that one small thing, one spice is missing. And this spoils the all dish. The same with the buildings. Sometimes there are very expensive real estate projects but when we see them we feel something wrong, something small which is not in order. Sometimes these small things can change the value of the project. Can you find such detail in this building? Hint: See some strange elements in architecture.

Question 3: Why this nice street is so empty? We visited VVV street. This could be one of the most famous street in Kaohsiung. But we observe that no people on it. Some nice and important building are around but the street is so empty. Hint: Think what kind of buildings are located on this street.

Question 4: Can you see something wrong with this building. This building is next to famous building Sky 85. Only brief look at the building can be enough to conclude that it deteriorates the common look of the area. Why? Hint: See the balconies and windows of the building.