Location: 11F, International College Building


1.Industry-University Collaboration

2.Intellectual Property Management and Technology

3.Center for Innovation and Incubation

4.Metal Materials Development Center

5.Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology Center

6.Medical Instrument Center   


1. Incubation, innovation and industry-university collaboration for

    higher education review & evaluation

2. Provide a platform for ISU faculty members and companies for

    incubation purposes

3. Patent application and transfer

4. Provide testing services to E United Group and its affiliated


5. Provide enough incubation spaces

6. Liaison to BEVT (pre-employment training), MOST (industry-

    academia), MOEA (SBIR, CITD & ASSTD), and MOE (star-up)


7. Liaison to E United Group for resources integration

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