Chemical Engineering is one of the oldest programs of ISU starting in1986. Today, the department with its fully accredited programs has a student body of 450.

    The Institute of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering was initiated in 2002, granting only master’s degrees initially. The master’s program admits students with backgrounds in chemical engineering or other related fields.  Each year, approximately 100 bachelor’s and 20 master’s degrees are awarded. In 2006, a doctoral program was offered, recruiting 3 students annually.

    Chemical engineering is a chemistry-based engineering profession which focuses on the mass production, in a safe and economical fashion, of materials and chemicals vital to human beings.  Along with the development of modern technologies, the field of chemical engineering has become increasingly broader than ever before. Chemical engineers are constantly confronted with the tasks of not only improving human life by employing ever-lasting innovative technologies but also cleaning and protecting the environment from being polluted. Through their expertise, chemical engineers can bring new perspectives and approaches to meet the world's energy requirements as well. The department is constantly seeking to meet the demands on chemical engineering, relating to the most technologically challenging issues of the day, including energy, biotechnology, materials, green chemical processing, and catalysis.