Department: International College(Organizer: IBA)
Activity: Graduation Project Competition in the Spring of 2015
Date: 104/05/25 ~ 05/29
Venue: IC Conference Room: 60203, IC Building 2F



Each department assigns a faculty member to be a judge. Two additional faculty members from the College of Management will be invited. A total of six judges will serve in the competition. Judges cannot score presentations from their own department in order to main their impartiality.

Scoring Criteria:

(1)      Paper presentation:
The six-page written report: Structure and Presentation of Ideas (20%); Creativity/Originality (20%); Content (30%); Use of Knowledge Acquired in Coursework (30%)

(2)      Oral presentation:
Layout/Design of the PPT File (30%); Content and Structure of the Delivery (30%); Q & A (15%); Demeanor (15%); Overall Performance (10%)

(3)      Scores from the paper presentation will account for 40%, while scores from the oral presentation will be worth 60% of the total score respectively. The judges will select the top 6 teams to award certificates and prizes.


1st place: NT$3,000

2nd place: NT$2,500

3rd place: NT$2,000

4th - 6th place: NT$1,000

The teams that are not in the top 6 places will each be awarded a certificate instead.

Other Rules:

(1)  The content of the project shall be the learning outcome of the capstone course, which is in the specialized area(s) of each department.

(2)  Each department shall recommend and submit 3 papers.

(3)  Each department is expected to turn in the six-page written report by 17:00 on May 22nd (Fri.) to the IBA office.

(4)  Each department is expected to send the PPT file of the presentation by 17:00 on May 27th (Wed.) to Joanne Tsai at

Purpose: With the participation in this competition, students can review and assess the outcome of their 4-year studies in the International College. As a result, idea exchange and relationships among faculty and students would be promoted and strengthened.

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