Department:Department of Applied English
Name of the Activity:I-Shou University Department of Applied English 13th Graduation Play 「The Birdcage」
Venue: Student Activity Center 5th Floor


The graduation play has been one of the traditions since the Department of Applied English was founded. It is an opportunity to evaluate the students’ language skills after four years of English learning. Students can also learn the importance of cooperating and communicating.

During the preparation of the plays, the students can improve their communicate skills with their teachers in English. ”The Birdcage”, the 13th graduation play of the Applied English Department, was adapted according from ‘’La Cage aux Folles’’, a French comedy.

The students spent the whole year preparing this play from rewriting the script to finally acting the play on the stage. Nearly a hundred of people worked together in order to show not only their English, but their enthusiasms and performance capabilities, directing and managing.

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