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Hidemoto Library (Hidemoto Bunko )

@@Hidemoto Library (Hidemoto Bunko ^w) was founded by Emeritus Profeesor Ying-Chu Chiang (Japanese name Korin Hidemoto ) of Meikai University on 5th of May 2001.
@@For many years, as a Professor at the University of Meikai in Japan, he regrets that the high prices of Japanese books can be difficult for the students of Taiwan to obtain. Professor Ying-Chu Chiang put effort in collecting and soliciting donations of books vigorously while in Japan. After retirement, Professor Chiang brought back the Japanese book collection of his own and those given as gift from the people of volunteers to Taiwan. He donated 2,800 books to the university, intended to give opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture.

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