Information for Foreigners


 Living in Taiwan


The Handy Guide for Foreigners in Taiwan (Eng) (PDF)



Chungwa Post   Cathay United Bank   Land Bank


The China Post   Taiwan What's Up


Hygiene and Health Division → Administration Building 3 rd floor

SYUECHENG CLINIC   E-DA Hospital   Bureau of National Health


CHUNGHWA POST   DHL service in 7-11   UPS service in FamilyMart


Getting a Driver's License    Taiwan High Speed Rail    Kaohsiung Metro

Service Hotline

Emergency Helpline(for Fire, Ambulance)      119

Emergency Helpline(for Police)                     110

English Directory Assistance                         106

INT'L Telephone Service                               100

Information for Foreigners Living in Taiwan  0800-024-111(Toll Free) 

Tourist Information Hotline                        0800-011-765(Toll Free)