International Student Representative

I-Shou University currently has some 2,000 students coming from more than 50 countries all over the world. In order to gather feedbacks and stay connected with students with various cultural backgrounds, international student representatives (ISR) from each country/region are invited to meet with school administrators once every month.

Moreover, ISRs are actively involved in organizing campus events, providing assistance to their peer students.

You are welcome to contact these ISRs and get advise from them.

International Student Representatives, 2017-2018 School Year

International Student Representatives, 2016-2017 School Year



Department of International Business Administration, International College (Enrolled 2014 Fall)

Muhammad Arslan, Pakistan

"It has been a great experience since I started studying here in I-Shou University (ISU). ISU provides unique learning experiences as it has so diverse students studying here. I have made a lot of friends from all over the globe and it gave me a sense of globalism. I’m looking forward for my future in ISU."



Maria Andrea Enriquez Gomez, Honduras

Department of International Business Administration, International College (Enrolled 2014 Fall)


"Personally, I can say that coming to Taiwan and studying in IBA has been one of the best experiences of my life. Studying here has given me an opportunity to not only acquire knowledge from reading books, doing research, and listening to teachers, but also from different cultures and perspectives. My way of seeing the world right now is very different. For this transformation of myself, I'd like to thank my program for allowing me to be unique, and help me appreciate and interact with people around the world."

Chelsea Tishonna Isles, St. Christopher and Nevis

Department of International Finance, International College (Enrolled 2014 Fall)


Ketut Striratna Ayu, Indonesia

Department of International Tourism and Hospitality, International College (Enrolled 2014 Fall)


"The first day of classes, I was very nervous as I knew nothing about International Tourism and Hospitality but I soon learnt the basic vocabulary. Freshman and sophomore classes included practical activities, field trips, and challenging but difficult and meaningful projects. By living on campus, I could work part-time at the nearby E-Da Royal Hotel's buffet restaurant, where I have learnt many things that will help me in pursuing my dream of becoming a successful hotelier."


Sabatha Michael Hlatshwayo, Swaziland

The School of Medicine for International Students, College of Medicine (Enrolled 2014 Fall)


"It was during my winter vacation being far from home I couldn’t make it so me and many other international students stayed behind and spent our winter vacation in Taiwan. Well it was just business as usual during the day without even any signs of anything to happen at night. The beautiful winter sunset and we all came back to campus to spend the night in our rooms. Being a Friday most of us will not be going to bed till late so it was the same also with me, spending the better part of the night still awake.

It was around 3:30am on a saturday morning when I fell sleepy. I closed my eyes something came around and took away the stillness of the night, I felt it as a dream in the dark and allowed nature to take its course. Just about 20 minutes later with the sound increasing every second. I jumped from my bed as it also began to make some funny movements. It was like am in a sea full of waves. Never knew what was exactly happening. My eyes were wide open i swear maybe they were about to burst..

I ran as a flash to the window which was also vibrating, wanted to see the ghost that had an unwelcome visitation. It was then that one of my roommates said earthquake also from his not fully awake state. My heart pounded almost escaped my chest, chills running through my spine. I was not really oriented by that time. Had noises on the corridor one of my classmates shouting his lungs out. Just in that dark moment it was still again. The ghost was gone but had left many ghosts in us."



Daria Belkovskaia, Russia

Department of International Business Administration, International College (Enrolled 2015 Fall)




Namuun Ganbold, Mongolia

Department of International Tourism and Hospitality, International College (Enrolled 2016 Fall)


"My best memory is winning championship in debating contest on freshman year with a team stands for 5 different cultures and guided by a teacher from Morocco but it results in bringing all of us up to one heart one goal which is so amazing."