Required Documents for Application of ARC

 Initial Application for ARC (First-time Application)

(1) Application Form

(2) Alien Resident Certificate (except for first-time applicants)

(3) 1 2-inch photo taken within 6 months

(4) Original Passport and Resident Visa and one copy of each

(5) Original Student ID Card or Enrollment Cerification and one copy of it. 

(6) Fee: NTD$1,000.

     Note: However, if you want to apply by yourself, you don’t need to provide copies of Student ID Card, but you have to apply for one Certificate of Enrollment issued by Registration Section, which should show both of your English name and Chinese name at the same time.


1.  New international students: Please apply for ARC within 15 days after arriving in Taiwan. Anyone who hasn’t followed the rule will be fined NTD$2,000~NTD$10,000 by NIA (National Immigration Agency).

2.  Students who have just arrived in Taiwan, currently hold a 6-month ARC, and haven’t finished school registration will be able to extend their period of stay upon completion of school registration.

3.  If your ARC is expired on every Sept. 30/ March 30, please submit your application for extension to OIA within 3 days after a start of new semester. If you fail to apply during that period of time, you may need to apply by yourself, or ask OIA to assign one Taiwanese student to go to NIA (National Immigration Agency) with you. You are responsible for the transportation fees for the Taiwanese student and yourself.

4.  If the ARC expires during the summer/spring vacation, students are allowed to apply for extension 21 days before leaving Taiwan.

5.  Graduates seeking employment in Taiwan are required to provide a graduation certificate to extend their period of stay. The maximum extension is six months, starting from the month of graduation. If students have postponed their graduation, they are required to provide documentation to keep or extend their ARC. Students will be granted a maximum extension of one year, according to their academic situation.

6. How to go to NIA