Strives to distinguish ourselves as an academic institution that facilitates borderless and lifelong learning, and contributes high-quality business finesse and management skills to communities and industries.




Dedicates to creating a vibrant and enriching learning community that values and respects all faculty, students and staff. Developing students to become competitive and responsible individuals, and to excel in their chosen field of study or career with a global mindset. Emphasizing practical value, cherishing intellectual contributions and professional development among the faculty, and mastering changes with continuous improvement to meet the needs of our stakeholders.



Learning Goals|教育目標

1. Discipline-specific knowledge and skills 專業知能
2. Global perspectives 國際視野
3. Innovation and integration ability 創新整合
4. Information technology application 資訊科技
5. Ethics and morality 倫理道德
6. Social awareness 社會知能
7. Life attitude 生活態度