Title [Announcement] The problem that distrust of SSL certificate in e-resources system

Due to the electronic resource database system uses the SSL security credential connection method, when users are authenticated and connected to the database, different SSL certificates will appear in different browsers.


Chrome: Your connection is not private 

Firefox: Your connection is not secure 

IE: There is a problem with the security credentials for this site 


The security certificate can be trusted. Please follow the tips below to continue to connect the electronic resources. 


Chrome: Advanced > Continue to .. . Website (Insecure) 

Firefox: Advanced > Add Exception Site > Confirm Security Exception 

IE: Continue browsing this site (not recommended) 

It is expected to be completed to install SSL security credentials before July 20, 2018. When the connection is installed, there will not show SSL problem in browser.





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Post Date 2018-06-26 13:42:19
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