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Title Course Content Migration in the Moodle Learning System.

In order to migrate course content of Academic Year 2015 & 2016 to new URL, the Moodle learning system ( will be offline from September 01 (Thu.) 08:00 to September 02, 2016 (Fri.) 17:00. 

The courses of Academic Year 2016 will be accessed on the website since September 02, 2016 (Fri.) 17:00. The temporary URL ( will be out of service from September 01, 2016 (Wed.) 08:00.The courses of Academic Year 2015 will be accessed to the website since September 02, 2016 (Fri.) 17:00.

Once the system settings completed, we will get all services ready immediately. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Post Date 2016-08-22 14:17:35
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