Title OICA's English Coffee Hour

Come join OICA's English Coffee Hour:

English Coffee Hour is a 4-week program which brings Taiwan and international students together and engages them in informal, facilitated conversations about culture and intercultural communication. Through experience-based learning activities, participants discover the impact of culture on their daily lives, especially their interpersonal relationships with others.

Some session themes include:

cultural identity

culture clash

international cooking

intercultural relationships

cultural values

Activities and discussions are guided by English Coffee Hour facilitators to ensure students have the opportunity to get to know one another, to share their own cultures, and to challenge the complexity of cultural differences within a trusted environment.

This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in intercultural awareness.

Please sign up here

11/18 http://etp.isu.edu.tw/sign_up/detail.php?Key=989

11/25 http://etp.isu.edu.tw/sign_up/detail.php?Key=990

12/02 http://www.etp.isu.edu.tw/sign_up/detail.php?Key=991

12/09 http://www.etp.isu.edu.tw/sign_up/detail.php?Key=992

Or just walk in.

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