Title Request for late payment

Dear IBA international students,

Please note that if you need an installment for tuition or other required fees for the coming semester, you should apply at IBA department office by June 30, 2015. 
Accounting to the school regulation regarding paying tuition late:
Firstly, the school requests your parents to write a report describing what is the reason for not being able to pay the tuition on time. 
Secondly, you should talk to you mentor and ask he/she to write a report regarding your tuition problem. 
Thirdly, you should write an promissory note explaining when during this semester you can pay the school, in how many installments, and how much NT$ each installment will include. 
Once you give me all of these three documents, I can help you with the procedure.


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Post Date 2015-06-17 14:35:27
Contact Person 巫沛倉 
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