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Title The Announcement of Library School Leaving Procedures for the Graduates of the 2nd Semester of Academic Year 2014.

The Announcement of “Library School Leaving Procedures” for the Graduates of the 2nd Semester of Academic Year 2014.


1. To simplify the process of the "Library School Leaving Procedures" for the graduates, the Office of Library and Information Services now provide an online authorization system for students who are expected to graduate this semester. Please visit the website http://www.isu.edu.tw/en1/→ Current Students → My ISU → Information System → For Graduating → Library School Leaving.

2. The graduates can also visit the library to go through the “Library School Leaving Procedures” in person. Besides, there will be a service desk set on the Graduation Ceremony at the Activity Center for the graduates’ convenience to complete the “Library School Leaving Procedures”. Please welcome to use the service.

3. Graduates have to return all materials checked out from the library and pay the overdue fee for the process to be completed.

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