Title Taking holidays during semester

Taking holiday during semester:

It has become apparent that many students are taking holidays during semester and as such are absent from classes. Studying at university requires commitment of which just one aspect is attending classes.

There are consequences for all actions in life and you should be aware of some of those for missing classes.

• leave may not be approved (advisers and teachers are under no obligation to approve leave);

• missed work in classes may not be made up outside the class;

• contributing to teamwork is likely to be reduced putting pressure on your classmates who may resent you getting the grade for their hard work;

• taking holidays gives a strong impression of lack of commitment to your study;

• expecting teachers to do double the work of preparing and marking extra or late assessments is both unreasonable and rude (disrespectful); 

• according to “Academic Rules of I-Shou University”, Article 19 Students shall apply for suspension of studies in any of the following circumstances: 1. The total hours of sick and personal leave taken after completion of the registration procedure are equal to one-third of the total class hours during a semester.



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