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Attention all students:

In last week’s departmental meeting, we’ve made a decision regarding taking non-IBA courses.
(1) If you are taking a core course from other departments in IC that is the same as or similar to an IBA core course, then it can only be recognized as a core course. It can't be recognized as other elective courses, e.g. Ethics and Social Responsibility (IBA), Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility (EM) and Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (ITH) will be considered as the same courses.
(2) If a course is not the same as or similar to an IBA core course. then it can be recognized as one of other elective courses, e.g. Microeconomics (IF). 
(3) You can only take English courses that have different contents from our own English courses as other elective courses. You must bring the syllabus to the IBA office to prove the contents are different. e.g. Financial English (IF).
(4) Starting from next semester, all courses taken from other IC departments must be approved by IBA before you can take those courses as elective courses.

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