Title 2014 Angel Care Scholarship

【  2014  ~  Angel  Care  ~  Student  Assistance  Projects 】   Application  Procedure

A.   Objective and History

In order to help students ( who are studying in universities of H.K., Macau or Taiwan ) from the needy families ( no matter Where they were born ).

In the pursuit of knowledge and truth, Ms Angelique Yeh started these projects with the generous 

support of all other donors since 2007.

By providing financial assistance, we hope that students who benefited today will contribute to the 

Society tomorrow and create a better world in their future. 

B.    Application period:  between     8. AUG. 2014.   ~   28. Nov. 2014.

C.    Assistantship Amount : 

Universities in Taiwan :  TWD 10,000 each 

D.    Eligibility Criteria : Students come from low-income families or families with sudden adversities.

*brothers & sisters from the same needed family who is studying in university must apply as well ! *

E.    Documentation for Application email :      Angel.Care.Student.Assistance@gmail.com

Application forms with all attached files & photos must “ Carbon Copy “ to all three teachers ,

school student affair officer & us At the same time in the same email ! 

1. Student Assistantship application forms: (A) (B1) (B2) (C1) (C2)

2. A copy of the latest school transcript

3. Three pictures of the applicant which was taken with your teachers alone with.

4. Three teachers’ recommendations from the institution which the applicant is studying in 

            (First Year Freshmen can have one recommendation written from their previous school 

             & two from the university they are studying now ) 

       5. One picture of all families include student !

recommendation written from                        ***  Applicants will get an email " YOUR FORM RECEIVED !  " notice within 20 days.   

F.  Result of " Most In Deed In Need " Student List Notice

Only the fund receivers will receive individual notice email fromus during 28.Dec.2013. onward ! 

G.   Release of Assistantship

Each university and institution will release the assistantship to our selected students according to their 

own procedures in the second semester. ( which included amount within our existing donated fund. )

Any enquiries please “ only “ contact with us through email !       Thanks !!!

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