Title Evaluation of the performance on e-Education Platform

I. As the Blackboard e-Education Platform will be replaced by the newly established Moodle, faculty members’ performance on “Teaching courses via Blackboard e-Education Platform or Moodle” as stated on the Scoring Principles for the faculty evaluation will be evaluated based on the data stored on Moodle starting from the first semester of the academic year 2013.

II. Please carefully read the following notices before using Moodle to maintain normal operation of Moodle:

1. Size Limit per File: 130MB

2. The Blackboard e-Education Platform oftentimes malfunctions during mid-term and final exam weeks because of a great deal of uploading of homework and conducting online tests. Starting from the first semester of the academic year 2013, the function “Operation” of Moodle will be suspended between the first and eighth class sessions during mid-term and final exam weeks.

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