Title Alumni Scholarship

Alumni Scholarship


1.         Object:

(1) Students who are sophomore, junior or senior;

(2) Students whose family is middle-to-low income family.

2.         Number of receipts: One student each department.

3.         Amount of scholarship: NTD$5000

4.         Qualifications:

(1)  Average grade in the last academic year is 75 or above.

(2)  Average conduct/ behavior grade in the last year is 80 or above without being given any warnings or other bad records.

(3)  Students’ family shall be middle-to-low income family.

(4)  Note: If students can’t provide any certificates to prove that their family is middle-to-low income family because they come from other countries or are overseas Chinese students, students can ask department chair or advisor to issue a letter as the certificate of middle-to-low income family.

5.         Required Data:

(1) Application Form

(2) Original copy of transcript in the last academic year.

(3) Photocopy of front/ back sides of Student ID Card with the registration stamp of current semester.

(4) Certificate or letter issued by department chair or advisor.

6.         Time: Aug. 12 (Mon.) to Sept. 25 (Wed.)

7.         Please submit your application to Miss Hsiao, Ya-chen, who works for Alumni Service Section of Career Development Center (TEL: 886-7-6577711 ext. 2833; E-mail: vicky168@isu.edu.tw)

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