Title Announcement: Application for “Student Study Group”

1. Please recommend at least 2 student study groups for each department and each study group contains at least ten students and one convener.

2. Application period: September 24th to October 5th, please get back application form to Establishment of Student Study Group.

3. Student Study Group will be ended until December 3rd for this semester.

4. Outstanding Student Study Group will receive NT2000 in the end of this semester.

5. The supervisor of a student study group will receive additional 10 points for the faculty evaluation. Moreover, he or she will receive bonus 10 points if the student study group is selected as an outstanding student study group.

6. Please see the attachment and the website for detail information (http://ctld.isu.edu.tw/site/035/2).


Ms. Chuang

Center of Teaching and Learning Development


07-6577711 ext. 2163

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