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Title Water Safety Precautions in 2012

Water Safety Precautions in 2012

1.    Five Steps to Rescue a Drowning Person:


Ensure your own safety while rescuing a drowning person

(1)       Call: Call for help.

(2)       Call: Call 119, 118, 110 or 112.

(3)       Stretch: Stretch out your hand to the drowning person by holding a long object (e.g. bamboo poles or branches).

(4)       Throw: Throw something that can float in the water (e.g. balls, ropes or bottles) to the drowning person.

(5)       Aid: Use a large floating aid (e.g. boats, life buoys, driftwood or rescue buoys) to reach the drowning person.

2.    Ten Tips to Prevent Drowning:

(1)       Do water sports in a safe environment in which lifesaving equipment is available and lifeguards are present.

(2)       Avoid any behavior that could pose danger to you and others. Do Not Dive!

(3)       Due to unexpected changes in the water level of lakes, rivers and streams, pay full attention while doing water sports.

(4)       Always stay with your companions and keep an eye on one another.

(5)       Warm up and stretch before swimming. Do not swim with jeans on.

(6)       Do not frolic or play pranks in the water.

(7)       Do not swim or do any water sports when you are fatigued or feel under the weather.

(8)       Do not stay in the water too long for fear of hypothermia.

(9)       Always pay attention to the weather forecast. Do not do any water sports in case of bad weather.

(10)   Improve floating skills. Keep calm and relax in case you fall into the water.

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