Biotechnology is a series of enabling technologies, which involve the manipulation of living organism or their subcellular components to provide useful products, processes, or services. Over the past few decades, the dynamic and expanded knowledge of molecular biology and cell biology has rapidly led biotechnology to become worldwide mainstream technology. Today the biotechnology industry is poised to join the computer industry as a key component of the world economy. The recognition of the need for biotechnology training for business professionals prompted I-Shou University to establish the Department of Biological Science & Technology in 2002. This department is dedicated to 4 years of educational programs and research aiming at the effective education of a new breed of professionals in the bioscience.


        Biotechnology is the commercialization of cell biology. The Department of Biological Science & Technology will equip students with the ability to learn and understand the basic knowledge of general biology, microbiology, cell biology biochemistry and general chemistry, and to advance in exciting fields. Furthermore, graduates trained in the technologies designed for biotechnology will find their training applicable to advanced research in various industries.



        The study program is focused on the modern molecular biology as basic knowledge in the freshman year. This fundamental knowledge inclusively permits the coming together of fields as diverse as medicine, electronics, chemical engineering, material science and bioinformatics. By next year, the department offers a special section of Biology to students and trains them in basic laboratory efforts to their interests toward to the field of Medicine biology, Bioinformatics or Bioengineering in the junior and senior years. By exposing students to the basic knowledge and facilities of biotechnology, the department can give the students more information based on their choice of career.