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Dean of General Affairs

§ Chen Wei-chung §

•Dean of General Affairs

Name:Chen Wei-chung


E-mail:email icowcchen@isu.edu.tw


Overall general affairs on campus

§ Shih Hsien-chuan §


Name:Shih Hsien-chuan


E-mail:email icoscshih@isu.edu.tw


1.Taking charge of overall affairs of the Section
2.Planning, supervising and promoting the University's general affairs
3.Managing, supervising and reviewing general affairs and purchase requests
4.Assigning jobs to campus security guards and taking charge of campus access control
5.Maintaining, supervising and inspecting campus cleanliness
6.Taking charge of and supervising the operation of restaurants under ISU Practice Center
7.Handling non-routine tasks assigned by supervisors

§ Hsiao Yu-chen  §


Name:Hsiao Yu-chen


E-mail:email icoisis@isu.edu.tw


1. Arranging the schedule of the President
2. Answering phone calls
3. Replying to parents’ questions and putting them through to units-in-charge
4. Receiving guests
5. Handling official documents submitted to the Office of the President
6. Handling non-routine tasks and other administrative affairs assigned by the President
7. Handling affairs related to the President’s MOST-funded research projects, the annual budget of the Office of the President, and application for expense reimbursement
8. Coordinating affairs and communicating with other units
9. Handling general affairs and maintaining the office
10. Handling affairs related to the President's birthday celebration
11. Handling other non-routine tasks

§ Lin Ya-Fen  §

•Contract Administrative Assistant

Name:Lin Ya-Fen


E-mail:email icoyafenlin123@isu.edu.tw


Handling non-routine tasks

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