Chairman  Tu-Cheng Wu

Program  We award only Bachelor's degree at the present time.

Introduction  Our department was founded in 1990, formerly called the Department of Applied Mathematics, and started to recruit students by many means in 1991. Right now the entrance channels include the national distribution through examination and personal application.

Goal  The general purposes of our course design are educating students to develop basic mathematical knowledge and improving their abilities of speculation, organization, articulation, and creativity through the learning process, on the principle of going with social needs and world streams.  Besides the studies of mathematical theorems and principles, students also need to learn their application to science, industry, business and digital data.

Curriculum   In the first two years we intensify the fundamental training in the discipline, while in the third and the fourth years we emphasize practical application. By giving due consideration to both theoretical knowledge and practicability, our students after graduation may accommodate themselves to the diverse needs of today’s society, and thus possess competitive advantage in the job market.

Faculty  At the present time, there are two full-time professors, seven full-time associate professors, and seven full-time assistant professors in our department.

Contact Information 



phone: 07-6577711 ext. 5602

fax: 07-6577305

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